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Terra Cotta Cusago Round Planter
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Terra Cotta Cusago Round Planter

With a simple design and rounded shape the Terra Cotta Cusago Round Planter comes in four sizes to accommodate any plants in your garden. The planters can also be used to rejuvenate your interior design and welcome guests into your home. These premium-quality planters each have a drainage hole to protect plant roots from over-saturation. Constructed of high-fire terra cotta and individually hand-glazed the Cusago planters are frost-resistant for indoor and outdoor use. Dimensions: 27.97 diam. x 25.2H inches; 21.65 diam. x 19.69H inches; 17.32 diam. x 15.75H inches; and 13.39 diam. x 12.2H inches. Set weighs 258 pounds.Benefits of Terra CottaTerra cotta Italian for baked earth is an unglazed ceramic based from clay. The history of terra cotta includes its use in the famous Terracotta Warriors statues in China. It is widely used today in building materials such as roofing and is a favorite among gardeners to house plants. Terra cotta is useful because of its low cost versatility and durability. Because it is porous terra cotta allows water to vaporize through it which is helpful to plants especially if they have an abundance of moisture. It's gas permeable so helps maintain healthy plants. Its brownish orange color comes from iron oxide in the clay. Compared to items made from other stonework terra cotta items are much lighter in weight. Overall terra cotta makes an excellent choice in the garden.About Campania International Established in 1984 Campania International's reputation has been built on quality original products and service to its customer base. Originally selling terra cotta planters Campania soon began to research and develop the design and manufacture of case stone garden planters and ornaments. Nina Studio Inc. was formed in 1987 for product design development and manufacturing of original copyrighted pieces. Through the late 1980s and early 1990s the Nina Studio design arm of Campania continued to flourish. Campania is also an importer and wholesaler of garden products including polyethylene terra cotta glazed pottery cast iron and fiberglass planters as well as classic garden structures and cast resin statuary.
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